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Dave's '71 Squareback

[Image] Dave's VWs

The story of Dave's '71:

My wife Diane has wanted a VW Bug for a long time.  In early 1994 we started 
looking around and checked out a few, but the people wanted too much money.  As 
she was driving home from work one day in June she saw this Squareback with a 
For Sale sign in the back.  She liked the styling so she trailed the car until 
she was able to copy the phone number and price from the sign.

When I got home she gave me the number and told me to call....  I did and went 
over to look at the Squareback.  We bought it that evening!  Had I known all the 
hiding places for rust I probably would have negotiated a lower, price, but we 
were happy.

Since then we've had it repainted the original Kansas Beige, installed new wheel 
bearings, used heater boxes, new front calipers, a few new f/i parts and driven 
it a lot.  We also bought a repro roof rack from Parts is Parts and installed a
set of Bosch Oscars on the front bumper, but you can't see them in this picture.
We had the bodies of the lights painted to match the car so they almost look

While the outside body looks great, there is still rust lingering behind the 
panels.  I've repaired the stuff behind the rear fenders and will work on the 
front inner fenders and trunk area this year.  It sure is handy to have a welder 
when doing this work.

The white stuff you see in the car is the foam padding I used to redo the front 
seats.  I was in the middle of that job when I took this picture.  The seats are 
nice and comfortable now and look a lot better with the new material on them.

We've also installed new retractable 3 point harnesses in the front and rear 
seats and installed a dog gate behind the rear seat to keep our 2 Australian 
Shepherds in the 'way back'.

The other VWs in the picture ('82 Pickup, '83 Rabbit and '85 Jetta) are all 
diesels.  We've since added a 1972 VW Bus and another '71 Squareback (dark 
green, for parts) to our fleet.  Of course, this doesn't include the 2 1920's 
Studebakers and BMW Isetta that get to stay in the garage.....


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