VW Type III: Everett's (former) '63 Notch and '63 & '65 Squarebacks

The story of Everett's Type IIIs

Here are some photographs of a '63 Notch, '65 Squareback, and a '63
Squareback I used to own.

The '63 Notchback was kind of a basket case - it had an upright 2020cc
engine, custom interior, had a new front clip spot (!) welded on (seen in
yellow) - I had it for 6 months until I traded it for a truck I needed for
my summer job in college.

The '65 Squareback was a parts car for my '67 Squareback (no good pictures
of the '67 scanned yet) - it was towed by the city for being parked on a
public street before I could completely strip it of parts.

My '63 Squareback was nice - original interior, aluminum roof rack,
undamaged dash, converted to 12V and a 1600cc engine, zero rust, original 5
lug drum brakes.  I'm trying to find the guy I sold it to so I can try and
buy it back - I think it is just sitting at his house since I heard he blew
the transmission.  (I wasn't aware of any problems when I sold it to him)

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