VW Type III: Eric's Squareback

The story of No Mercy, Eric Younger's Squareback.

Eric writes:

Hello fellow Type III owner (s), 
Here is a little history on my car......
I was fortunate enough to aquire this (my first VW) from my good friend 
and current president of the Houston V.W.Club, Alan Presley. I drove it 
as panel for a while then came up with this wild idea of turning it into 
an ambulance. Hence, No Mercy Ambulance Service was born.
There is nothing like driving through Houston and seeing peoples faces 
light up when they see this very short emergency service vehicle drive 
by.  No Mercy has been pictured in AutoWeek as well as VW Trends. (cool)
I also have been in the Houston Art-Car Parade a few times, This is the 
only time that the poor guy in the back gets to let his legs hang out.
The car started life back in 1971 as a Type III Squareback Wagon. Little 
did that littke German person who drove it out of the factory know what 
Eric Younger (me) was going to do with it. 
More pictures to come later from more members of the HOUSTON V.W.CLUB 
including my Type III dressed up as a very small GhostBuster 
car............ECTO III (Type III that is)
Best regards from Houston, Texas     Eric Younger

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