VW Type III: 1966 Fastback Commercial

If you've never bought a Volkswagen because it wasn't big enough, o.k.; here's a Volkswagen that's big enough. The new VW Fastback sedan.

It seats four, with more room for elbows and legs. It's pretty jazzy, too. Has an electric clock, and even wall-to-wall carpeting.

The Fastback also has the most powerful engine we've ever made. It's air cooled. Goes 27 miles on a gallon of gas. Which is pretty good for a car that can go 84 miles per hour.

Since we made a VW that's a little roomier in the inside, we decided to do the same thing on the outside.

It's got a trunk up front where most cars have their motors. And in the back, where most cars have their trunks, we have uh... heh... it's a trunk... a large trunk.

Download the audio (640k aiff)

This gem is courtesy of Kevin Toney. I will substitute the entire commercial in mpeg or QuickTime format when I can. And yes, that is Dustin Hoffman. Thanks, Kevin!

If you're not equipped to download the soundtrack, the hook of the whole commercial is that when Hoffman goes to the rear of the car he's caught off guard by a spacious trunk where he expected to find the engine; the car appears to be engineless. His delivery at the end is quite fun to hear. Download it if you can!

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