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Frank's '71 Fastback

The story of Frank's '71:

I had been looking through www.recycler.com for a Fastback for a couple of
months, when one of the ads caught my attention: "71 VW Fastback, complete
original, not running. $0 4250."

In Southern California, $4250 is too much to pay for a Type 3 in this
condition, and free is a very good price indeed. As it turned out, I think
there was some sort of mishap involving the shift key when trying to make a
dollar sign, and the price was $250. I called up and set up a time to take a
look at the car.

A few days later I drove out to the local U-Haul, picked up a truck and
trailer to the tune of $110, and schlepped the thing home. Registration for
the past three years brought it up another $160.

When I began looking at the innards I found the fuel injectors and starter
motor in the trunk. I tested both, and they all worked. I also found several
gallons of gasoline mixed with the oil in the crankcase.

After rectifying the above situations as well as a number of others, I had a
running vehicle.


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