VW Type III: Story of an early 1500S

Telly King of Greece relates the following story of an early 1500S that he is acquainted with.

The car was shipped in mid 61 as a showpiece for the local VAG dealer. A young doctor saw this car in the showroom and ordered it in the 1500S configuration. Unforetunately the shipment with the first 1500's and some bugs/busses was lost when the ship sank off the coast of Italy in the Adriatic! The doctor was then given the showroom model which he kept for one year. While this doctor had the car in his possesion he would service it at the VAG dealer, there the car was serviced by the chief mechanic (a very good friend of mine..) which bought the car from the doctor. The mechanic had the car until 1995 until he passed away. I have been taking care of the car for his widow, since she doesn't want to sell it, or drive it. The car is 100% vintage, the only parts which have been changed are I believe the left front fender (original VW) and of-course all hardware such as batteries, oil, points, etc. The car was painted back in 1971 at the local VAG dealer with original VW paints. Thats the story for the VW1500S...!

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