VW Type III: Jason's '71 Squareback

The story of Jason's '71


I would like to extend thanks for creating one of the greatest pages on the 'net!! I also have a 
'71 Squareback, and it's a typical love/hate relationship (love everything about the car, hate 
that everyone is so bug/bus oriented). Oh well... 

So, I bought mine a couple o' months ago from the original owner. It was in excellent stock 
condition, with only a few nicks and dents here and there (have to expect that from a 25 year 
old car). That all has to change.

I've always figured that a Squareback needed a few things. It has to have a roof-rack. It should
have a nicer interior. The stock wheels have to go, replaced with Porsche 914 wheels. 
Lowering is a must. And it needs to have a stereo that will enthusiastically annoy the 

Best Regards,

Jason Fry

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