VW Type III: Bernd's 1968 Notchback

The story of Bernd's Notchback

Bernd writes:

Hi Greg, here comes e-mail from old germany. I just visited your 
web-site. I found it interesting, though I know the most of it because 
I'm a master-mechanic in a VW-garage ;-) I'm the proud owner of a March 
1968 notchback with automatic tranmission. It's a kind of pre-serial-car,
because it has still the '68 "short" body, but with the rear-axle and 
the automatic-transmission of the later '69 "long" body. Very interesting 
look - the negative camber in the old body-version. 
I bought it three years ago from an old man who became 90 years that 
autumn. The actual mileage is 58.000 mls. The body is cream-white with a 
black roof (incl. sun-roof)and red seats. I'm member of the German Type 
3-Club, who makes a quarterly fanzine.
OK, I would be happy to get an answer from you.
Best wishes

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