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Morten's '70 Squareback

Morten's blue Squareback with fog lights

The story of MOrten's '70:

Hi Greg

I just wanted to say what a wonderful VW T3 site you've made!!

I like the scrapbook section, so I thought u might consider putting a pic of my ride in there too.

I've attached a pic of it.

It's a -70 Squareback. It has 457,000 km on it now and I use it as my daily driver. It has been most reliable.

Except for the Rabbit front seats and the color, it's stock. 

I've got4 other T-3's too, one -66 Fastback and three -69 Fastbacks. I even got a couple of Bugs and a -96 Passat VR6, too.

Well, thats all for now.

Take care and keep up the good work!!

Best regards


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