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The Palotay Family's Squarebacks

Blue '71, Yellow '71, and Blue '69 in a row

The story of The Palotay family's Squarebacks:

Here's proof that we are a strange family.  Front to back:
Dad's '71.  He's the original owner and only driver--the rest of us only drive
automatics.  He bought it straight off the assembly line in Wolfsburg in 1970.
Julia's '71.  It's an automatic, bought in 1996 from the original owner.
Martha's '69, also automatic, bought from a friend (the original owner) in
1976 with 27,692 miles on it.  It just passed 200,000 this month.

All of these are daily drivers, more or less.  The '69 survived four years of
college (3 hours one way) with one major breakdown (the transmission died
coming home from a Renaissance Faire, which meant pushing the car to the
nearest gas station--dressed in full Elizabethan).  The blue '71 is getting
very close to 300,000 miles, and the yellow passed 100,000 two years ago.
They've all had their engines rebuilt, naturally.

The Palotay family

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