VW Type III: Shannon's '73 Fastback

The story of Shannon's '73

Hi, my name's Shannon. I thought I'd share my little Volkswagen love story with those who will relate to it.

I have always appreciated the Volkswagen. My first car was a Bug, but I didn't really care for it because they were a little too commonplace. It died a horrible death at the hands of a 16 year old who knew nothing about cars. I wanted another VW but the Ghia was just too small. What's a girl to do? I bought a Subaru.

Back in 1992 my Subaru was in the shop for a few weeks, so I was walking to work. Every day I past a Steak n' Shake where the most out-of-the-ordinary Volkswagen was sitting. Obviously the person who owned it worked there because it was always there. It was in pretty rough shape, but what it lacked in mechanical integrity it made up for in personality. I fell in love.

About a month later I was with my friend Matt visiting his friend Wade. It turns out Wade owned the car. It was sitting on the lot where he worked because he had no room for it at home - he drove a Toyota. He was just looking to get rid of it, and would sell it to me for $450! I couldn't say no.

About the only thing that poor car had going for it was a super-nice white vinyl interior. To make a long story short it died a noble death, and left in me a passion for the Fastback that no other car could take the place of.

Two months ago I received an e-mail from (once again) Matt, saying he had seen a 1973 Fastback for sale on the south side of my hometown, St. Louis. I went out right then (2:00 in the morning!) and checked it out. I couldn't believe what I saw! This car was a real jewel. No rust, perfect chrome, and an interior that needed nothing more than a good cleaning (owned by a smoker - blasphemy!).

Later that morning the seller exposed the rest of the car: perfectly clean, driven 30,000 miles, garaged, original spare never been used....and to top it all off, he was asking $595.00 My jaw almost hit the dirt.

So, here it is, as I bought it three weeks ago. It needs a paint job, and it turns out there is a rip in the back seat. I'm hoping to paint it British Green and install a white vinyl interior. The paint job is sure to happen some time, but even if the interior stays black, all in all I'd have to say I did OK.

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