VW Type III: Sean's '69 Squareback

The '69 body before any work

The same '69 after some salvaged
fenders and some body work

This is the section I had to replace
under the rear seat...it was really rotten
and I cut out a section out of my '71 to use.

This is the body dolly that I made to move
the body around. It bolts to the body using standard
body mounts and has casters on the bottom for ease
of moving. It really comes in handy.

The story of Sean's '69


I finnally got you some pics for the "readers rides" section.

Here is a brief history....

Around 1994 I purchased a '71 Square for $400 I had intensions of resorting
it. I had owned some bugs and SB's in the past, but always wanted a Square.
When I bought it someone had really messed up the stock fuel-injection
system, trying to "re-wire" it. So that was the first thing that had to be
fixed to get it running. To get it on the road I located a 2bbl from a
friend and bought the manifold I needed and a little work...and I was on the

Well after driving it around for about a year the engine died. So I decided
for a complete restore...ground up. I began to disassemble it, and realized
that the body had way to much rust for a restoration. So I needed to located
a good donor body as the pan was still in pretty good shape (except of
course for the battery area). So I found a '69 with a good body in Alabama
($225.00). After bringing it back to Florida I then stripped it and began
working on it. After digging into it a little I found out that it had been
hit in the front. And wanting to do this right, I opted to get better panels
rather that fix-n-fill the ones I had. And as if the great VW god was
looking out for me...someone I did not know emails me about 2 Sqaurebacks in
her cousins yard that had been sitting there since his dad died, some 15-20
years ago. They wanted to get rid of them, and saw on my home page that I
was intested in Squares. Since they were not that far I went and looked and
bought both '68's and a bunch of extra parts for $300. It turns out that the
guy used to run a VW service shop.

Well got a lot of good parts out of one of them and the other I havent even
touch yet. Both of them had been converted to stock dual carbs.

Thats were I am at now..I will keep you updated with info and pics of my


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