VW Type III: Stylous' '68 Squareback

The story of Stylous' '68

The Story: Since I was 12 years old I always wanted a Squareback. Most of the guys in my neighborhood had Low Riders or Bombs. Don't get me wrong, a Low Rider done right can be a beautiful ride. However, all it took was just seeing one '67 type 3 tricked out and I knew I wanted one. As the years passed I collected all kinds of type 3 items hoping to one day have a 'back of my own.

In Junior year of High School I ran into a friend who I hadn't seen for several years. He had an accident (got his girlfriend pregnant) and needed some money for the family thing. Call it luck but he happened to have a '68 which he needed to sell ASAP. I had started working that year part-time and asked my Parents if I could get an advance of $1500.00 to get this ride. They knew I had always wanted a 'back but said they didn't have the funds. So needless to say I was pissed. A week went by and my friend called to see what the deal was. I thought I'd try my parents just one more time and BINGO!!! Every birthday when I got money as a gift my parents would take a cut. I wondered why and thought I was being ripped off by my own parents!!! Well, it turns out they were saving the money in an account for when this day came. Even though my parents were some tough people, they really had planned this situation out well and came through for me. So with the $1500.00 in hand the deal was done. I'll never forget driving away with this car and my friend standing on the curb with a look on his face like his dog had just died but hey, I GOT MY RIDE!!!

The car wasn't in that bad of shape as far as cancer goes. No accidents and the original owner took pretty good care of it. My friend had the car for only a year, so I guess you could say I'm the real second owner. All stock items were still in place aside from the radio (replaced with a K-Mart brand) and the front end was lowered the wrong way, you know, where your bouncing all over the place while your driving! As for looks, it had a cheap ass One Day Paint & Body job on it and the interior needed some work. The engine was stock but all in all the car was O.K..

I had only helped friends with their cars as far as paint, body and engine work goes, I had never worked on a type III before but figured if I wanted it done right I should learn to do it myself so I did. Before starting I said I would not make the mistake most guys make when restoring their rides. I could not and can not stand fools who fix up their cars by first putting in a stereo they play their radio all loud to attract attention but when you look at their ride WHY WOULD THEY WANT IT!!! Same goes for paint, no use paying some guy $1000.00 to shoot your car with some paint but your car runs and sounds like SHIT!!! It's simple people it does no good to have a nice stereo and nice paint job when your standing on the side of the road waiting for the tow truck!!! I could be wrong, I guess you would have something to listen to!!! The first thing I did was replace the engine. The 1600 was replaced with a 1776cc, a 110 cam inside and I had the heads fly cut. The flywheel has been lightened and a Kennedy clutch added (clutch tubes had to be welded!). I ripped out that fuel injection (so long smog check!!!) and put in dual 40 Webers with K&N air filters. Blocked off the heater ducks and added a K&N chrome breather filter (actually for a Chevy) as well. Have Bosch high performance 7mm silicone wires and Bosch platinum plugs. Replaced the manual fuel pump with an electronic one, same goes for the manual ignition. Added a full flow oil system and a pair of S&S dual quite packs. I dressed up the engine by chroming the cross bar and linkage brackets as well as the generator and alternator strap. All tin was sprayed jet black and given a few clear coats to avoid fading. When I took the car to the place to get the engine checked for the warranty, the guy said that this was the cleanest and nicest looking type 3 engine he had seen as a daily driver. That compliment meant a lot to me. For one, this is the first time I had ever worked on a Type 3, and two, coming from a guy who has seen plenty of these engines, he must know what he's talking about!

Now I could go onto the suspension. I did a four corner drop.. I guess the years of Low Riders did have an influence on me!!! I had to replace the front wheel bearings since the car had been lowered so much it damaged them. I put in a pair of dropped spindles and added KYB shocks for lowered cars. For the rear I did the ol' torsion bar trick. But, I added a pair of Monroe air shocks in the back to help smooth out the ride. I put Michelin 145's up front and 165's in the rear on detailed stock rims. The car is low, but not to the point where it looks ridiculous.

Next was the paint and body. I sanded off all the 1 DP&B work and started from scratch. After doing all the body work the car was shot with Diamond Blue paint, not a "match" job either. I looked hard for a paint store who had the formula and not just "light blue" paint, because believe me, there is a difference!!! There were three layers applied along with two clear coats. This treatment went inside and out.

Next was the stereo. I took out the K-Mart brand and put in a Sherwood radio, E.Q. and 250 watt amp. I had made my own custom speaker box to fit inside the back between the fender risers. There sat two 10" Cerwin Vegas, 2 Piazo tweeters and Kenwood midranges with crossovers. All interior was thoroughly cleaned and vacuumed. I put in a Grant three spoke steering wheel and a Hurst shifter to finish off the inside. Last touch was a bra, and not one of those Pep Boys bras either. This one cost me some $$$, but the fit was worth it I think. I forgot I also put in a Clifford alarm system which paid off the first week I installed it!!!

Now it's several years later. I have a wife, three boys, a Boxer named "Mugz" and a house. And in the garage, a nice 1968 Squareback!!!

I think you will agree, I didn't do to bad a job representing us Type 3 folks!!!

Keep'em running!!!


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