VW Type III: Haavard's '67 & '68 Notchbacks

The story of Haavard's Notchbacks


My name is Haavard Serigstad, and I live in Norway. I think your page is great, and I love T3. 

I have 2 Notchback's.

The white one (L87 Pearl White) is a 67 1600. I bought the car summer 1996 and it is under restoration. I'm going to paint it (L87) and lower it. I'm also planning to have Porsche Fusch 6x15 weels. Also a old steel and wood roofrack.
The car will be ready spring this year.

The blue one is a 68 1600L. I bougth the car autum 1995, and the car is under restauration.

I also have a lot of T3 parts, and I buy almost everything I can find. 

Keep up the good work.

Haavard Serigstad

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