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Vernon's '63 Notchback

Vernon's red '63 Notchback

The story of Vernon's '63:

From: vernon chand 
To: scrapbook@vwtype3 
Date: Tuesday, 26 May 1998 22:43
Subject: verns' '63 notch(new zealand)

>hello there from new zealand !!!!
>attached is a pic of my '63 notch 'ts'
>this car has been in new zealand since 1965 and has been converted to right
>hand drive.
>i have owned the car since april 1997 and plans for a restoration based on
>resto-cal scheme are under way.just plans at this stage though!!!!
>the notch has a 1600cc dp with a 1303 box,late model discs and late model
>drums at the back.it has been lowered front and rear.at the moment the car
>is a daily driver and has served me very well.........
>the history of the car is bleak at this point but i am still digging.it
>appears to be a canadian spec car ........someone can maybe help confirm
>there are very few of these cars DRIVING in new zealand and i get a lot of
>notes put on the car asking if i want to sell.......
>anyway the notch will be off the road shortly as i have acquired a 1972
>squareback which i intend to use as a daily driver until the notch is done.
>i also own a 1957 oval with full service history and a 1967 australian
>beetle with a 1679cc.
>.......nothing beats a type 3 though!!!!
>it would be great to be added on to your wonderful scrapbook and my notch
>and squarebacks representing new zealand.
>vernon chand
>email me at ...  vychand@ihug.co.nz
>see ya......

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