VW Type III: David's Tach Installation

The story of David's Tach Installation

This is a photo of the dash of my '73 Notch, I'm sorry for the quality. I took a stock 3 3/8" VDO tach (7,000 rpm, I'm not sure what style, but it has RPM/x100 on the dial face) that matches my KPH speedo numerals, and took the clock housing and dumped the clock guts. Took the clock housing and measured carefully (so that the clock housing + the tach housing together gave enough depth to retain the clocks silver beauty ring and bezel), basically cut it half, then notched and bent over four tabs along the rear of the front half. By slipping the tach housing (-the tach trim ring and glass bezel) inside it, the rim of the tach housing fit up against the four tabs cut into the clock housing, then re-fit the silver clock beauty ring to the front of the tach. By using the clock bezel and chrome trim ring (I also fabbed a shift pointer and used the black disc from the old clock for appearence sake), I was able to replace the trim ring, which held the whole thing together, then put the spring ring back over the clock housing. It fits inside the clock hole, looks about halfway decent, and has held up for at least 10 years.

I'm going to put a cluster of gauges where the radio grill is presently located (VDO custom console 110 871) filled w/ Series 1 gauges (volts, oil pressure, and head temp) and put the Blaupunkt and eq in a console (anyone know where to get a Type III center console?) eventually. I realize that this tach is a one off, and my discription is vague at best, but I'm big on self sufficiency vs. paying someone. If anyone cares for more info, e-mail me at waltee@prodigy.net.

David (why pay someone, when I can screw it up myself?) Walters
'73 Notch

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